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Saturday: a day in town


We decided to spend Saturday morning in Ljubljana, strolling through vegetable and fish market trying to find inspiration and ingridients for lunch preparation in the following days.

This is our Saturday morning routine and besides looking for fresh produce we also do the following:

>> meet with friends for a good cup of freshly brewed coffe and chat after we have filled our shopping bags
>> spend time windowshopping and do some actual shopping (mostly for clothes, which we rearly manage to do during the week)
>> go to the galleries in search for graphics / paintings which we want to buy someday
>> buy stuff from Lush (I am addicted to their products).

So yesterday we bought fish for todays lunch, radicchio, deliciously sweet kaki which people from the Primorska region sell and my husband adores so much he wants to make marmelade from it, and a couple of croissants to have while we spend time chatting with Franci and having our second coffe this week.

Afterwards we went to look for books – I want to buy some of the classical Slovene childrens books with the illustrations I found so nice while I was a kid. Jelka Reichmann in my absolutely favourite illustrator – her soft, gentle images of children with round reed cheeks and fluffy animals make me feel more comfortable about this world. They are something I would like to share with my children and hope hey will like is as much as I do (at least at a certain pont in their life).

Here is one example of her work – cover of a fairy tale book:

Sivilja in skarjice   

Afterwards we went to buy boots for me and I choose this beautifull pair form Vagabond:


(there’s ony one boot on the photo, I realize that ;))

After our baby is born I am going to wear them when we go for a stroll to the city – I can’t wait! Hope the spring doesn’t come to soon, because, obviously, if the baby comes at the end of December, January will not be the month to take these beauties out for a walk…


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