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One baby and 9 months later I’ve decided to return to active blogging.

I say active because I’ve been reading several blogs which have enspired me to start knitting againg – my favourite  being Exersicebeforeknitting, Saartje knits and Cosmopolitan purls. It is interesting, however, that all these three bloggers have babies as well, so their work is even more amazing to me, since I haven’t been really able to do anything but take care of Tamara and do the houshold work.

But that is changing!

I’ve started knitting a nice grey jacket for myself and a secret project for a friend of mine.

The jacket is from the Drops winter collection and I use Eskimo yarn just as suggested in the pattern.

Well, to be honest, I had to buy a pair of needles No.7 which seem very very extraordirnary thick to me! And to think that the pattern suggests No.8!?! It took a couple of rows to get used to the big needles, but the knitting itself is so fast, I can’t believe my eyes.

Pictures of the work in progress will follow, for today just the model of the jacket:

 Garnstudio jakke

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