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Who doesn’t have in head…


…has in heels. That’s (another strange sounding) Slovenian proverb which can be used to describe my knitting process of today. I was happily working on the second front of my jacket and almost seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (i.e. I was casting off for the neckline) when I realized there was something missing. What? Buttonholes, of course. 

So, what was I to do? For a brief moment I thought about changing the final look of the buttonholes, but than the desire to have this project finished ‘by the book’ overweighed and I just ripped 20 cm off.

So now, I am back to where I started one hour ago.

I have to add that I am no knitting beginner, but buttonholes are my soft spot. This has already happened to me a number of times and somehow, I don’t seem to learn anything from my past mistakes.  Ah, well… Back to work.

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