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Celebration of life


The past few days have been a real celebration of life.

There is no doubt that autumn is here and I can enjoy the colourful nature and beautiful weather on the walks in Arboretum with Tamara.

On Saturday we went on a wedding party and had wonderfull time, even Tamara enjoyed herself being in the centre of attention and among so many people. It was nice to see guests enjoying themselves, dancing, laughing, tasting good food and vine. Not to mention the all nice words the groom said about his bride.

Sunday was a day for a short trip and we finished it in Radovljica, the town with gorgeaus 16th century centre where we located a new sweets-serving-place as well as two very nice and inspiring ceramics-pottery shops – one of the places even has a website and you can see quite some beautiful photos of the ceramics and also of the house where the shop is located here: Magusarjeva hisa.

Here’s a detail of what we saw there:

Radovljica Magusarjeva hisa 

Yesterday we spent the whole afternoon in Ljubljana, walking in the sun, having pizza, coffe and just enjoying simple walk in the streets, sparkling with life.

P.S. I almost finished first sleeve of my jacket  – just 10 more rows to go. Hooray!

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