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The weekend went by so fast there was no time to do any knitting at all. Even though I got up at 6 o’clock on Saturday to finish the collar I did not make it. Tamara woke at 6.20 demanding my attention.

Firday afternoon was the first whole afternoon spent in a non-mum-related activity. There is a culinary school in Skofja Loka and I went for a course in Mexican cuisine. The cook was great – in just 3,5 hours he made 24 dishes (some of them were – of course- ‘just’ fillings for the tortillas). Besides having enjoyed to observe the technique and skills of the master I’ve also had quite some fun trying to cut churros dough with scissors into 2 litres of boiling oil.

mexican food

We spent the rest of the weekend visiting my family in Dolenjska – every time we drive there I am stunned with the beautiful landscape.

Since my sister took Tamara for a walk we could take a shor trip to the woods alone – it’s been almost a year since we’ve been alone to the forrest, just me and my hub. And the yellow and brown leaves. Some green grass. And tiny chestnuts.

forrest Dolenjska


autumn grass

handful of chestnuts

Have I already said that this is my favourite time od the year?

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