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Rethinking my choices



I finished the collar of my Drops jacket on Monday. To do this I had to sew together the shoulder seams and since I was already in the mood I also did the side seams. Dreadful mistake? Well, it may have been, but it also may have been fates first sign.

After having knitted the collar I made the dreadful mistake of trying the (let’s face it) unfinished thing on. Oh God! Wish have never done that.

After 2 minutes of observing carefully myself in the mirror have come up with a conclusion: I look like a giant grey potato. The thought of not eating anything till the end of my life has crossed my mind, I admit it.

No joking. It looks horrible on me. I think this yarn is absolutely too chunky. God, I wish I had done it in Alpaca or similar… It would have taken longer to finish but it would probably also look much better on me.

For the curious reader here’s how the collar looks like:


I haven’t given up completely – I will block it (sort of) and see what happens. A miracle maybe? ;)

Tomorrow, we are off for a vacation in Middle East. Will be back in 14 days and then I will probably be ready to face this ‘thing’ again.

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