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Back to normal


We have arrived from Iran on Thursday – we overslept much of the day since we were tired of travelling for the whole nigt. Saturday was already a ‘normal’ day – we went to Ljubljana to meet with friends for a cup of coffe and a stroll with our strollers.

Holidays in Iran were great. I was a bit nervous about how it would all trun out, but everyhing was just great. Tamara did not get ill, she was happy to have so many people around her all the time, she was very patient and she did not cry at all. In Tehran we visited our lovely and very hospitable friends which also made things a lot easier for us.

All this has given us a good opportunity to experience a new way of discovering the cities which we visited. It was a new way, of course, because travelling with a baby takes completely other approach to sightseeing and meeting people and –let’s face it – also everyday activites such as eating and shopping. We have been very successfull at the latter since, besides souveniers for our friends we bought two beautiful kilims. Those of you who have been to Middle East know that buying a carpet takes much time and patience :)

Here’s a peek onto the shortlist of our desires in a carpet shop in Yazd:



Since we bought one in Esfahan we decided that the small one (you can see it quite well on the second photo) was a good purchase. Our minds, though were set on the big one with bright colours (in the middle of the first photo). Hmmmmmmm, maybe nex time we’re in Yazd?

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