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There goes my waistline



As I have pointed out numerous times there are loads of things that change after having a baby.

One of those things is your body. It simply isn’t the way it used to be. It doesn’t behave like it used to. It doesn’t look like before. Sometimes I felt like it wasn’t my body at all. It was somehow alienated from me.

Now that I got over that phase and I can wear the before-pregnancy clothes . I will go back to work in a couple of days and I have these horrible cravings for sweets and generally any food loaded with carbohydrates. And to make things even worse, I even attended two cooking courses. The last one was previous Friday where I learned how to make struklji, traditional Slovene dish. It can be prepared either salty or sweet, depends ofn the type of filling you choose to make.

Today, I made my first struklji (swee of course, with cottage cheese filling) and we ate them at 21.30. Hmmmmm. Maybe I’ll just eat veggies tomorrow?

Making struklji

Struklji finished

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