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Little Red Riding Hood


Happy new year!

I wish to find time for knitting, blogging and above all I wish to spend time with my family. These are my simplest wishes for 2008.

The holiday season was long and I was hoping to get some knitting or sewing done, but… Instead we did a lot of baking, cooking and receiving visitors. It was fun having people in the house and Tamara enjoyed it so much as well.

Today I will show you a hat which Tamara got from my mother for her first brithday (among other things of course).

tamara red hat

It was my mother who tought me how to knit. I was about 7 years old and since knitting was something she did almost every day I guess it was normal for me to want to do it.

She is one of the best knitters I know of. When she decides what she wants to knit she just imagines the model,  takes the needles and yarn and starts working on it. No patterns, no stitch counting, just an idea in her head. Sometimes she will ‘copy’ a pattern (or a model) after seeing it on a person. She comes home and says: »I saw a woman wearing this beautiful jacket. I think I will try to make something like that.«  And she makes it.

It sounds vey simple, and it is very simple. For her. Because she is an extraordinary knitter.

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