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Il postino


This post starts with a postman. My husband said that our postman was very excited today because this was the first time in his life to deliver a package from Japan.  Just imagine – every proffession has its specials and excitements. No matter how boring, usual, unimaginative or ordinary to us, somebody, doing that job might get excited about a very simple thing.

Back to this package from Japan, which excited my whole family not just the postman. My friend sent us some beautiful Japanese fabrics, two craftsy books, pills from Norway, a dress for Tamara and a CD with photographs. Here are photos of all the beautifull things which we got:

total content    

japanese fabrics closeup



Getting a package from Japan is not such a simple thing , after all. Nor for the postman, neither for the receiver. I have quite some material to daydream about my next project. :)



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