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To change or not to change?


Lately, I’ve been thinking about our life in Kamnik. We’ve been here for 8 years now and altough we said it would only be temporary it turned out as a rather long stay. In the meantime we got used to this small city under Slovene Alps, made some friends and started to refer to it as our home.

But there are several things that bother us from the first year of our stay here. Even though there is a lovely old city center, nobody seems to care much about it. I guess they will just let it fall apart. Except in those areas where it is used as a parking lot, the most valuable asset a place can have in opinion of many Slovenes.

After looking for a new apartment for a couple of months, it’s not so simple to say – we’re moving away. We got used to the good and the bad. And we are not moving away, anyway. Not for now.

Here is a photo of  the romanic chapel, which if you ever visit Kamnik is going to be one of the historical highlits of your stroll through the old town. It was taken last Saturday on a very gray morning with my new camera.

Chapel in Kamnik

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