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La bella Italia


We returned from Italy yesterday evening. Today was a usual day at work, loads of e-mails to read and stuff to do.

Italy was great. We took it realy easy and just enjoyed being there, the good food, nice people around us, the time we had to ourselves not worying worries of everyday. Why cannot this be the norm of our existance, I don’t know. But I do think about it a lot. Sometimes I think we should move to another country (also, sometimes, I consider another planet…), but living in Slovenia has many advantages. One is certainly being in the heart of Europe surrounded with countries that have a much nicer glow in the images that show up in the imagination of people just by mentioning their names.  

Here’s a photo taken on one of our many strolls through the old town:


I have uploaded several other photographs on my Flickr page.

And a quick note for yarn-loving-people. Yes, I did buy some nice yarn. I’ll post photos of that tomorrow. :)

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  1. 06/02/2008 07:27

    Looks gorgeous, I really want to go to south italy. Glad you enjoyed it

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