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U make my day


Morepj has given me You make my day award quite a couple of days ago, so it’s time that I do something about it!

After careful thought I decided that no, probably, I cannot give this award to Ravelry, where I have met a couple of lovely, great, kind and adorable knitters – Morepj is among them.

So, here’s my list:

I know, it’s just 8 entries, but that’s enough for a first time, isn’t it?

And now, I’ll go back to my Baby Moderne. Good night!

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  1. 06/02/2008 22:30

    Thank you for including me in your short list!
    I didn’t know your blog and looked around a bit. Your photos of Italy make me homesick.
    And now off to check you other links. :)

  2. 07/02/2008 07:38

    LOL…. give the award to ravelry…. haha, I love it. Though I agree, they are the best thing to happen to knitting. All the patterns you can get, all the people you can meet. Wonderful.

    catch you later :)

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