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Baby moderne – finished


Yesterday I finished my Baby Moderne blanket in very bright colours. That’s why I also call it Happy blanket. Little babies don’t see much and the first colours they see are supposed to be bright yellow, red and similar. So the boy who is still in the womb and coming to this bright world in 12 days is going to see these colours very soon.

Now, I am thinking about my next project. I want to make a cardigan for me, but  it all got a bit complicated. Since I’ve decided not to make any more projects that I am not really really sure I will like to wear, it’s very hard to pick up a project. I’ll make up my mind by tomorrow, tonight, you just get to see some photos of my work.

The folded blankie

baby moderne total


baby moderne detail

baby moderne detail

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  1. 13/02/2008 06:36

    absolutely great, i love it, bright and interesting for an awaited baby, I hope you friend likes it!

    That photo of Tamara is really cute you know, she’s such a little doll.

  2. Natalia permalink
    13/02/2008 11:27

    Oh, pretty!

    Did I tell you I tried to make a scarf for me this winter? It’s after 17 years of not knitting and stupid me, bought only one ball of wool that I liked, made half of the scarf, when it of course was finished, and went to buy another one, just to discover NOBODY in this bloody city has any of that wool left.

    So my half finished scarf is sitting sadly next to the TV while I pretend I never even started this project of mine.

    But thanks for the inspiration anyway :)

  3. 17/02/2008 18:49

    I love your blanket! Great colors- so bright and fresh :) My own blanket is still growing, I hope to be done in a week or so…


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