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My little model


A quick note for all Tamara fans that read this blog.

Today, we’ve been to our regular check-up. When we put her on the scale it showed 8.830 gramms. The nurse said she’s got the measures of a model. I assume that was a polite way of saying she’s quite slim ;)

Well, after a couple of months of not being so sure, now I can say with total confidence that she likes to eat.  And she eats so much, I wonder where all that food goes?

Here she is, my little model, sitting in grass posing for me (not!) two weeks ago:

tamara gras

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  1. Natalia permalink
    13/02/2008 11:31

    Oh, oh I miss her! And she has grown up so much lately!

    Now did I tell you I discovered my son doesn’t like food too much? Funny ha, I think all the chubbyness is from my milk really.

    p.s. when you don’t send me e-mails, I tend to resort to sending too many comments! Beware! :)

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