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Saturday in town


I love Saturday mornings – usually we spend them in town, shopping for fresh (well, more or less) produce from our local market. It’s really a small market – just a couple of stalls, but after a couple of years we have became very familiar with the sellers. Now, for example, we are in the category ‘baby eggs’, which means that the old man who is selling eggs will save us 10 freshest eggs, because, you know, we have a baby and a baby should eat only fresh eggs. :)

This Saturday it was just us, girls, because Grasswire had to work.
So, on the way back home we stopped for a coffe. Which is a thing we usually do on Saturdays after the shopping. As I was sitting outside, feeding Tamara, I had a glimpse at the coffe-table and –ooohhh!– I couldn’t believe my eyes. If somebody told me two years ago that this is what my life (and my Saturday morning coffe) would turn into, I’d call them crazy.

There, go figure yourself.

saturday morning coffe

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  1. 18/02/2008 07:32

    That’s the best way to spend sat mornings… we love being able to get such fresh food here too.

  2. Natalia permalink
    18/02/2008 08:27

    The funny thing is that I really, REALLY enjoy being a mom. I never thought I would become so “domesticated” after having my boy.

    Now I even dream of being a SAHM *gasp*. See what motherhood does to us!

  3. 21/02/2008 14:16

    that is too funny!

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