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Finally I made a decision about my next project. It took quite some time and I did a lot of peeking around on Ravelry (so many beautiful projects!), but here it is – Drops jacket no 96-2.

Actually, this is only where I start. Since I will use another type of yarn, which I think doesn’t fit this pattern totaly, I will make loads of changes. I will omit the structural part of sleeves and back and just do the stockinette. We’ll se how that goes and I’ll keep you updated. And here’s my beautiful yarn. I’ve pulled it out of my stash, since after going through all those patterns I wasn’t quite sure which one I really wanted to make with the green yarn. Meet ‘Granada’ from Lana Gatto. I have 6 skeins which I hope will be sufficient for the jacket. If not, I’ll just have to make more changes to the pattern, I assume ;) Granada Lana Gatto

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  1. 22/02/2008 08:47

    I love that wool, glad you finally got settled on a project, I hate being in between projects and not knowing exactly what I want to do next

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