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Frogging already


Ahhhhh. I was so enthusiastic about my Drops 96-2 jacket -especially since it took quite some time to decide which knit I am going to work on after Baby moderne – that my fingers simply couldn’t wait to get hold of the needles. So, after two evenings of knitting, here’s the result:


Approximately 20 cm of the back of the cardigan and I  really like it :)

But, but. There’s always this but.

I used one skein to make these 20 cm and having 6 skeins altogether this means I can only make a vest, not a cardigan. I am really not into vests (not with this pattern, anyway).
I have 4 more skeins of the same yarn in grey colour, so I thought I could make grey sleeves. After consulting with my top-fashion-consultant (my husband), this idea was discarded. Hmmmm. Hopes of getting four more skeins of this yarn equal zero (bought it almost 2 years ago in a shop that doesn’t exist anymore), so I guess I should work on choosing another pattern. And frogging this. At least the latter is not too physically demanding. ;)

I am thinking about Bi coloured cables jacket (this way I get to use both colours of the yarn in a more constructive way).

And as if all this wasn’t enough as I was preparing to write today’s post, I read WryPunster’s post of today which deals with exactly the same things I was thinking of how to put into words.
I think every knitter has gone through this several times, so go, read it, it’s fantastic.

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  1. 25/02/2008 07:21

    oh it’s a real shame you dont have enough wool, it knits up beautifully.

  2. Natalia permalink
    25/02/2008 08:55


    Somebody was laughing at me for doing exactly the same mistake! :) Ha!

    What goes around, comes around and then bites you in your butt. :)

  3. 26/02/2008 07:22

    Well, at least I FACE my problems and not just let them rot away somewhere besides TV ;)

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