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Etsy love and blogland lurkers


Surfing Etsy used to be one of my favourite time-killers when Tamara was just a couple weeks old. There, I could see loads of new, exciting stuff every day. I could day-dream of buying pieces of really nicely crafted jewlery. I could make plans for my next craftsy projects, because, there are just so many marvelous ideas, realized and submitted from people all around the globe. I guess, it was my imagination food.

As days passed there was not so much time to surf Etsy, but I still do check it from time to time. Last week I stumbled upon this gorgeaus shop –Star of the East. Those of you who know me will instantly tell that it’s not just the jewlery which they sell that has attracted my attention. My love for Turkey and everything Turkish is one aspect of the attraction to this shop.  And the other one is this nice description of bloggers on her Blog.

We talked about this (to us fascinating fact) with Grasswire just a cuple of days ago and I wonder wether it’s just us who noticed, or would you also agree that there are so many female blogs, it looks like the whole blogosphere is predominatly female. On the other hand, it may be that we are just attracted to more ‘female’ poits of interest.

Anyway, what I wanted to share with you is this paragraph, which is such a nice tribute to us, female bloggers, written by the Star of the East:

“… the blogs I love are the ‘daily life – real people’ kind. All those women out there, raising their kids, cooking their food, knitting their socks, gardening, sewing, painting, nursing, caring , working ,worrying, loving…
It is overwhelming, so much energy, so many skills…” 
You can read the whole post here.

It’s really strange to make a photo-less post. So, here are main reasons I want to travel to Turkey soon again:

turkish_tea.jpg   turkish_food.jpg

turkish_landscape.jpg  turkish_people.jpg

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