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There’s not much to write about, really. Except – I got finished the back of my two-coloured cardigan and started working on the first right front. I think I might frog a part of the back (again) since it seems just too wide. Now, I am too enthusiastic about how the front looks like and I want to finish that. I just must remember to start working on decreases for sleeves and neck.

bi coloured jacket

bi colored cardigan II

And you do remember the package from Japan, don’t you? My friend sent a very cute embroidery book – in fact it is for Tamara, but since she can’t do embroidery, I’ll use it for some time ;)

I don’t know if there’s anything cuter than Japanese craftsy books, I really don’t… I was so tempted by sweet motives  but I really didn’t have a particuar idea until recently, when I decided to start writing a journal about our life. It’s a very special kind of journal – every day I wirte one sentence about something that happened that day. So, when I read it, it’s easy to remember those not so special days that make our life.

I used to write such journals (or diaries?) until just a couple of years ago and abandoned it when I started working on my ‘Sunday journal’. That didn’t really work very well, so, now I am back to condensed journal. This one will of course be filled with things Tamara did, so I decided to make an embroidered sleeve for it and use one of the cute japanese motives. The fabric is from my turkish stash, it’s linen in natural colors.


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  1. 11/03/2008 13:45

    LOVE the knitting…. looks fantastic… I really like it.

    The little birdy is very sweet.

  2. tjie permalink
    13/03/2008 11:26

    I’m glad to see you enjoy that book! :)

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