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Loads to learn


Just as I was bragging about the spring which arrived to Slovenia we get another flush of snow. Here’s some photographic evidence:

Winter in the woods

Snow covered trees

And since this is mostly a knitting blog I will share some of my secret knitting frustrations with you. :)

As I have already pointed some time ago it was my mum who taught me how to knit. My family originates from Bosnia, so my knitting technique is ‘Bosnian style’. What does this mean? Well, loads of things. First – my stitches ‘turn’ around differently than what I see on most blogs. Second, we use only two needles to knit. Third, most of the patterns are made up in people’s heads, so I am one of the strangers who know how to read them from magazines. (I should add a disclaimer here – this kind of ‘native’ knitting is common for Bosnian village folk, those living in the cities are much more advanced.)

And than – what happens? I enter the knitting blogosphere and – oh my God, a whole new universe hits me in the head. Sincerely, I thought I knew something about knitting. Well, after couple of months my  self-concious is a bit hurt. Do I know anything about knitting at all?

For one – there are so many expressions which I simply don’t understand. Some of them are because of american-english – british -english division, some of them are rooted in different techniques. For example – purl. What is purl? I had to check this word in the dictionary, honestly. That I said to myself “Aaaaa – that must be a row of ‘lefts'”.
See, I knit only using lefts and rights ;).

Than there’s a whole bunch of expressions, completely unknown to me – differen types of yarn (fingering weight?, sock yarn (why, why? is this yarn good only for knitting socks? I don’t understand this…), provisonal cast on, etc.etc.).

And, oh, wait, there’s more, there’s a whole bunch of kinitting accessories I can’t imagine any use for. For example – stitch markers. I regularly check quite some blogs and as far as I can see all knitters that make beautiful projects (like I would really like to make as well)  use stitch markers.
To be honest, I tried to use stitch markers (well, kind of – I just adopted paperclips for the once I’ve tried)  and found them pretty useles. I assume that is because: 1. I was not using them properly, 2. I count all along my knitting, anyway.
And then I go and read somewhere that ‘stitchmarkers are like knitters jewelery’. My God! They truly are, they can be like earrings hanging all over your knitting. And there I go – have no idea what to do with them

Ahhh well. I’ll just say that – there’s so much to learn and you’ll hear about other Wonders of Bosnian in the Knitting land soon. :)

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