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Some progress


This was not a knitting week, really. We stayed home Monday, because it was Easter Monday and Tamara had fever throughout all Easter which did not give me any opportunity to try knitting. Than a normal working week resumed and it was marked by our search for a plot of land where we intend to build a house together with our friends. This project has only started, so we are so enthusiastic about all the possibilities and good things that will surely happen to us. ;)

My Bi-coloured Spring Park Cardigan (working name) is done to the point where I have to decide what I will do with sleeves. See, I only have 2 skeins of red and 2 skeins of grey yarn. One skein on grey yarn is reserved for buttonband. I am considering making short sleeves in red. The other option is to combine red and grey in a similar manner that I did on the front… What do you think? Any suggestions? :)

Of course I knit all three parts too short, so I had to cut the ribbing and knit some more to get the length which I want. The difference in the first length and the desired one can be very well seen on this photo:

Difference in length

And here is what I have up til now:

Work in progress

I hope my next post about this particular cardigan will be showing you the FO!

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  1. 05/04/2008 07:53

    Looks absolutely great, a triumph! I think the sleeves might be nice in a colour combo if you have enough yarn.

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