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Starting over…


I feel it’s been ages since I last posted. The fact is that I have been so sick last week, I was just laying in the bed feeling very miserable and very sorry for my self. The horrible weather didn’t improve the situation either.

Luckily, I am feeling much better (so that in fact I am going to work tomorrow (grrrr…why, why?)) and that means I can show you the nicest things my husband bought for me in NY. Here you go:

  • lovely Malabrigo yarn
  • Vogue Knitting: Crocheted scarves on the go (I am going to make at least three scarves from this book!)
  • Needles case
  • Sew in labels ‘Hand knit with love’ (my personal favourite!, this is so sweet, I can’t wait to use them)
  • and two very big white plastic buttons (have no idea what those will be used for, but I like the idea of having such big buttons handy ;).

And here’s everything arranged neatly on our red carpet:


I wish I could travel to one of the big cities in the States and choose from all the accessories there are available… But on the other and – I migh get too frustrated to have to actually make up my mind and buy stuff. It’s much nicer if somebody else does that for me :)

And – I ripped off a part of hat which I crochet last summer for Tamara (turned out too big for her, but ths year it will fit perfectly). I re-did the edge and made last two rows a bit wider, so it looks like a proper hat now. I hope I can get her to model it for you very soon.

Pink hat

Detail of the hat

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  1. 24/04/2008 10:33

    That very thing happened to me when I was in Edmonton, Canada last year. We went to several yarn shops and I only bought 2 skeins of yarn and 2 magazines! The prices were great on most things. I just couldn’t decide what to buy! Sigh…

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