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The other day I was surfing on the Rowan web page – my goal was to order Rowan 32 or (even better) a certain pattern from this magazine. And that is how I stumbled upon their pricelist. I don’t know, is it just me, or is there anybody else uspet by the fact that these guys see the world only in two currencies? I mean, how hard it is to publish your pricelist in Euro? Why, why, do I have to think in British Pounds?
If at least they would only publish it in Pounds only.
But nooooooo. They publish it in worlds two most important currencies – British Pound and US Dollar (lucky Americans!).

This is self-centerness, arrogance and ignorance in the most annoying form. 
It’s like saying, you, little midgets, who use other obscure currencies like Euro, Yen and similar are wellcome to use your calculators if you are so ignorant to not know how much 29,99 Birtish Pounds will cost you in your nevermind-which twinkling change.
The world turns around us, anyway.



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  1. 28/04/2008 00:19

    You are sooo right – I am also annoyed by such everyday banal examples of the arogance of her majesty’s subjects. What is it – we can’t get over the loss of empire syndrome or what?
    And why are prices for US in US Dollars? Does this imply that they are too stupid to convert from Pounds? And why are prices for Canada in US and not in Canadian Dollars? It does make you wonder…

  2. Spindle Imp permalink
    08/05/2008 07:09

    Hey, try living in Australia! I don’t think the rest of the world knows that an aussie dollar exists! I have had to become quite proficient with exchange rates. What really angers me are Australians on AUSTRALIAN online auction sites in AUSTRALIA posting their listings in AMERICAN dollars. Work that one out!!!!!!!

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