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Thinking about weddings


This weekend we attended a wedding – it was my co-worker who got married at a small castle here in Kamnik. I must say this was one of the loveliest wedding we’ve been too. Not pretentious, but not too simple or downgraded. A wedding with style, I must say.

Two weeks ago we attended another wedding, my cousins and that was almost a prototype-horror wedding for us. It took forever to come from one location to the other and frankly, it was not very well organized. Of course there were all my relatives and somehow I had a strange feeling that we don’t belong there. Not that we were too classy for their wedding, I think the wedding that they organized for themselves was too classy (in a way) for them. But when somebody would ask me, what was so classy, I could hardly name three classy things. Maybe just the subtle unease of everybody wearing the clothes they were not used to? Maybe it’s just that guests didn’t act as they belong there, to that scene in front of the church, searching for a shadow to hide away from direct sun at three o’clock in the afternoon. Maybe it was just a feeling that the newlyweds thought only about themselves and not about their guests?

I relaized it is very important to understand why and for whom you are organizing the wedding. If you do it for yourself, than you should not invite other people. If you invite friends and relatives, think about how their day will look like and how do you want them to feel, there, with you on your wedding day.

That’s why I didn’t feel strange on my coworkers wedding even though I knew only a handful people there.

Pink roses


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  1. 08/06/2008 20:42

    Poorly organised is a compliment to your cousin – at a certain point, the starved guests started sneaking off to McDonald’s to have a snack before the official dinner was served. :))

  2. 28/06/2008 13:56

    The good thing about bad weddings is it helps when one comes to have their own. You get to see what not to do.

    My wife and I went to about 5 friend’s weddings before we got married.

    One of them was really terrible. A bad ceremony (don’t get family to sing unless they actually can) and very bad food (re-heated tough mutton).

    Another wedding was held outside at the top of a very high cliff. Great scenery but the wind blew so hard, that no one could hear what was going on and the bride’s hair was a total mess at the end of it all, plus her dress kept blowing up.

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