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Simple dinner


Last week was total crap.
I was at home, sick and hoping I would get better very soon. “Very soon” for me translates into – NOW! My hoping didn’t do any miracles and just today, finally, after five long days  I am feeling better. 
This means we could go out together to do our usual Saturday circle. First to the market to buy veggies and deliciously smelling sweet peaches, than a coffe, than home to cook lunch and a long playful afternoon in the park afterwards.

As Tamara goes to sleep very early we decided to have a peaceful, very simple meal – one that reminds us of Turkey and how much we would like to travel there. 
Here it is: tomatoes with olive oil, hummus, black olives and white cheese. And of course delicious white bread.

Turkish dinner in Slovenia

Turkish dinner in Slovenia

 As I was home sick, I was able to do some more knitting than usual and I am happy to report that Cherry lacks ‘just’ sleeves, which are luckily very short. I’ll go work on those now.

A while ago I promised a photo of Tamara wearing the pink hat. Here is she, taken on one of our strolls through the park:

Tamara wearing a pink hat

Tamara wearing a pink hat

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  1. 06/07/2008 12:57

    Good to hear you got better. And how pretty Tamara is! I miss you all three!

  2. 06/07/2008 19:23

    You gave me an inspiration for a delicious dinner! *^v^* I have a can of hummus in the cupboard and I’ll get the rest for tomorrow’s evening meal after Tai Chi class we attend every Monday. *^v^*
    Regarding your comment on my blog – yes, I would love to have a little girl (and my husband, too), but first we would like to have proper living conditions for a child, and our two small rooms are not what I have in mind (but we are working on it to change it soon). You know, I don’t want to have a baby, because I should have one (at least that’s what my mother thinks…), if I’m not in a hurry (that is – not expecting) I want to be better prepared. ^^

  3. 08/07/2008 00:08

    One of my favourite things to eat for breakfast or dinner. Tamara is soo happy with her hat. Cute :)

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