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About terracotta pots


There’s something about me and terracota pots :) I like them so much and I would want to buy many, definitely too many to put for our tiny balcony. Well, there would be some place to stack them, but I definitely couldn’t grow all the plants I wanted in them.

So, now, anytime we go to check a potentially new apartment or a house I always look for places to put my (non existent) terracotta pots and build imaginary scenes of herbs and other plants filled terracotta pots with wooden chairs and glasses of red wine on the table. It is almost like I could smell the air, filled with the mixture of Mediterranian herbs and pines in hot summer evenings. If there isn’t at least one suitable position to ignite my terracotta pots imagination there’s not much chance for me to like the place.

Until we find something appropriate to fit my terracotta pots expectations (and also other very important things, like books, children-room, grill, etc) I enjoy these in the nearest park:

Flowers in terracotta pots

Flowers in terracotta pots

Herbs in terracotta pots

Herbs in terracotta pots

Apparently, it’s not just me who has a thing for terracotta pots. Even Bridget Jones wrote:

“… than can be a freelance in home office, typing on roof terrace with herbs in terracotta pots!”
There you go. Is there anybody out there who doesn’t like them? Frankly, I don’t think so.

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  1. 16/07/2008 08:04

    Bojim se da na žalost, kod nas saksije za cveće ne bi mogle da prenoće ni jednu noć u parku. Zaista je ovo uživanje za oči.

  2. 17/07/2008 08:02

    For me it’s the colour and patina that builds up on terracotta pots that makes them so attractive. I’ve got four large ones in my very little back yard.

  3. 06/08/2008 07:32

    we love those as well, we have quite many in our garden. especially i love two huge ones which we keep close to outside kitchen and which are full of different herbs.

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