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Finally something for me

I checked the Garnstudio’s website for autumn patterns on Friday and found this pattern which I liked instantly. Since I have quite some of Eskimo in my stash I decided to get to work immediately.

And 2 hours later, here it is. My new winter hat. Which is actually the right size for me! Good news, huh? ;)

I just hope we get some real winter this year. Otherwise, I’ll have to wait till we travel to Prague to visit our dear friends who will be moving there in couple of months.

Do I look like a dwarf?

Do I look like an elf?

Too warm to wear in August

Too warm to wear in August



Back view

Back view

Look closely  ;)

Look closely ;)

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  1. 25/08/2008 13:25

    It’s beautiful and you do look like an elf! *^v^*
    Winter hat in August, that reminds me of my recent photos wearing Winter mittens… ^^

  2. 25/08/2008 18:14

    I love this hat! Gorgeous.

  3. 26/08/2008 22:55

    It is a nice hat and you got the elf effect when wearing it.

  4. 27/08/2008 01:44

    Saa fint! This elfhat ig good on you, and its colour suits your eyes very much!

  5. 27/08/2008 08:02

    Kapa je odlična, odmah idem da potražim mustru. Dobro ti stoji!

  6. Natalia permalink
    28/08/2008 08:40

    Love the hat, and love to see a picture of you even more.

    You do look like a naughty elf :) Make sure you make a similar hat for the little princess as well.

  7. 28/08/2008 09:29

    Potpuno ludo ! U pozitivnom smislu :)

  8. 10/09/2009 22:20

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.


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