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Renovation is finally over


We finally finished renovaating our apartment. Grasswire wrote about the final action – changing the radiators and all I can add to this is that I am so happy we are done with it. It feels good to come home, again, not like a couple of months ago when there were piles of paper (=mostly trash), clothes, toys that didn’t have their dedicated place, newspapers, books, DVDs piled randomly around… I felt was in a (tiny but packed) warehouse. 
So, not only did we clean iand buy new windows, new radiators and couch, we also threw LOADS of things away. And I am THRILLED because of that.
After a long while I have a feelig that actualy, there is a place for ME in this apartment (not just mine stuff).

So to celebrate this I decided to redecorate my blog and I chose a new wallpaper for the image header. :)

As for my knitting – I just started working on Cobblestone for I. This time I checked the gauge very carefully, so I know it will fit him. And this is also an opportunity to learn something new – I have actualy never knit a whole garment on circualr needles, so wel’ll see how this goes.

To thank you for al lovely comments about my dwarf hat I post some nice photographs from our holidays (Croatia, Istra). That way you will understand why I don’t want to go to work tomorrow ;))

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  1. 16/09/2008 06:01

    Glad to hear that you can now enjoy are your hard work and nice photos.

    The cobblestone sweater almost looks like a chainmail shirt

  2. 29/09/2008 15:25

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Wow!

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