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What kind of country?


Quite often I think about moving from Slovenia. In such a small place it can get very stuffy. It’s not just the size of the country that’s bothering me, it’s also this period in which I happen to live here. First we got hit by transition, now, post-transition. I don’t know which is worse. Sometimes, I feel I am like an alien here. My values, opinions, expectations are so much different than majority I wonder, what has happened to me and where all this is going. I am not talking about some big issues, important to the universe and mankind, it’s just small bits of your everyday life. 

If you want to take your child to the park you can get killed three times while crossing the road. In the shop you can wait forever, because everybody elese (including old ladies) is trying to squeeze in front of you. If your car is small you deserve to be looked upon as a small (unsuccessful) piece of shit. If you don’t live in a brand new apartment building you don’t know what is good (for you). If you think that a job well done should be decently paid you’re an idiot. If you don’t have a TV you’re totaly lost. If you stop on the red light you’re so slow you’re an obstacle to everybody else. If you don’t dye your hair it must be that you don’t wash yourself either. If you like Middle East you are a Muslim extremist.

And on top of this all – it’s impossible to buy 40cm long knitting needles on a string!! Beuacuse, if you knit, you must be retarded – there is so much cheap clothes to buy and you want to waste your time knitting?

The Cobblestone for Grasswire is a great knit so far. Now I have almost come to the part where I should start working on sleeves and it looks like I will have to order the needles from Germany/Britain/Norway or USA. We’ll see. Until than I will work on something else (maybe something for me).

Tomorrow is going to be a great day. I am not working and we’re going to the park with Tamara. Autumn is here!

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

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  1. 22/09/2008 07:46

    Vidim da te je uhvatila žuta minuta. Ne daj se i guraj svoj fazon! Sve će to doći na svoje. Na žalost, živimo u dinamičnom vremenu i na ludom prostoru.

  2. Natalia permalink
    22/09/2008 08:20

    Oh my, my.

    I don’t know, if my words will help, but I believe, there is no Paradise on this Earth. As much as I understand the feeling of being limited in Slovenia, I don’t think other countries are that much better.

    Or maybe i just lived in all the wrong countries :)

  3. 22/09/2008 10:29

    Sometimes I feel like you, living in Poland. I think our countries still have a long way to go because you won’t change people’s minds overnight, it takes generations. I suffer from the lack of proper circular needles, too!

  4. 23/09/2008 11:18

    Natalia, I am actually not looking for Paradise on Earth :) I am old enough to know there’s no such thing. Just a little tolerance would do.

    Joanna – I agree with you and that makes me sad in a way. This wild west or ‘anything goes’ attitude is here to stay for quite some time. Maybe my daughter will have it better. :)

  5. 18/10/2008 16:04

    I had those feelings quite often while living in Estonia. But here I haven’t met this kind of attitude. Most of the people are so polite that few years ago in Estonia you could only dream of that.
    But about yarns and needles can’t agree more. I usually do all my shopping in this case in Estonia, which is paradise for yarn.

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