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Lost in everyday


First of all – thanks for all the nice comments on my last post. It means a lot to me that my visitors actually comment from time to time :)

I haven’t done much knitting lately – the needles I was writing about in my previous post came with mail today, but… Instead of 40cm the lovely lady sent 60cm (argh!)
I am thinking about not knitting sleeves in the round for the first half of the sleeve. What do you think – would that go? Basically I would knit the sleeve for about 20 cm from left to right and than join and continue working in the round. Has anybody tried that?

Months before December are usually very intensive at my work. All our customers want to finish the projects that they hoped they would start early in the spring, but then they started too late and didn’t do anything in the summer. So, there’s a lot going in the office. When I get home sometimes I just want to sleep, or sit on the sofa and knit which i think a lot of knitters out there seem to do. This assumption is based on the FO lists I (sometimes enviously) check on several blogs and Ravelry. I have started to wonder whether I am doing something wrong and what that could be. I narrowed my choices of “knittingstoppers” to several options:

  • going to work
  • sleeping
  • spending time withy Tamara and husband
  • cooking
  • other housework

Hmmmmm. I don’t think I can minimize any of the above in favour of knitting time.

Ex co-worker gave me a very good advice once when I was feeling particularly unhappy about the way things in my life were. She said : “You should just come to terms with your own life.” I guess in the end it comes to that – somehow you have to accept that in particular situation this is as good as you can do.

We spent Saturday afternoon at a picnic in the hilly region of central Slovenia. This was a typical Slovene party – a bit offoroad venue (actually a hunting cottage), cooking “golaž” (goulash?) outside, lovely views and hosts trying to entertain different groups of people (as in good old Slovenian habit your guests will socialize only with people they have met several times before). Still, that was so much fun, especially for Tamara who was the only child there. (-> Theme for another post about peculiarities of life in Slovenia!).

View from the cottage

View from the cottage


The venue - hunting cottage

The venue - hunting cottage



Socializing the Slovene way :)

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  1. 08/10/2008 09:22

    Sorry to hear about your needle issue, but I believe they are going to send you the right size since it’s the shop’s mistake, right?
    “You should just come to terms with your own life.” – sound to me like you should resign from changing anything that bothers you, rather depressing thought… I believe you should try and rearrange your life if there’s anything not to your liking. It may not be easy but always worth a try! *^v^*
    The way you spent last Saturday looks fun, I wish I had a cottage, cooking gulasz outside sounds great (and eating it on a chilly Autumn day to warm us up! ^^). Please write about living in Slovenia, I’m always very interested in the ways people behave in other countries!

  2. Natalia permalink
    08/10/2008 10:31

    I have to tell you, that I loved this post about the picnic. I laughed and slapped my knee and had a bout of nostalgia.

    I agree in a way that sometimes, we should accept our life. I don’t think that this means giving up on our dreams, but more like not letting the life pass while we’re too busy dreaming. It is a bit like accepting our looks, and is ultimately all about loving yourself.

    I don’t know what to say about knitting, since my knitting experiment failed miserably, but maybe I can relate hobby-wise. I used to be an avid reader. I was proud of the number and quality of books that I read, but recently, I haven’t opened any new books and I am only interested in parenting books anyway. Does this make me a really pathetic person? Maybe :)

    But my list of reading-stoppers is very similar to your list of knitting-stoppers. No wonder I like you :)

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