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On my way to FO’s

I am officially one year older and my hair just got a lot shorter (talking about resemblance to Joanna – it was a bit strange to read her blog last couple of days since there are so many similarities, though luckily, I just cut my hair once, and now I am waiting for that big pile of money promised to scorpios in Polish horoscope (I hope that doesn’t apply for Polish scorpios only)).

As for the knitting front – I knit 2 pink hats – one for Tamara and one for Taja, daughter of my friend Natasa. Here’s how Tamara’s hat looks (Taja’s is exactly the same, just has a blue crochet flower attached to it):


Very girly, very soft and very warm. I love it. (photo: Grasswire)

The pattern is the same as the one for my pointy hat (Drops), just the result is totally different because of the yarn which I used to make this extra girly hat. I love this pattern – it’s so simple and can be adapted in many different ways. No need to worry if you cast on enough stitches to make a hat wide enough and you can easily make more or less pointy hat. This might be the reason that a lot of knitters are so fond of short row technique (though, obviously, this hat is made with very simplified short rows).

I also work on the Cobblestone for Grasswire – I have decided to work on the sleeves with doublepointed needles, so it’s going a bit slower than I hoped. I have finished the body and one sleeve. Hope to cast on for the other sleeve tonight. My wish is to finish it in three weeks.  


Work in progress (photo: Grasswire)

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  1. 03/11/2008 08:15

    Pletenje na 5 igala u početku ide malo sporije, ali kad se navikneš ide kao podmazano. Meni se mnogo dopada što ne moram posle da sastavljam, to mi je najomraženiji deo posla. Kapče je odlično!

  2. 03/11/2008 18:31

    The hat looks so soft and fluffy, I wish I had one like that. And Cobblestone is so neat and tidy, no loose stitches. I wish my knitting looked so professional.

  3. 04/11/2008 10:58

    I don’t think the piles of money applied only to Polish scorpios, I believe you still can receive it! *^v^* I think I already have, as my husband got a raise, but I hardly count it “a pile”, well… ^^
    Happy belated birthday!

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