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A wish come true


I complained about how grey and rainy it was in the past weeks and a colleague sent me photographs he took on a Sunday trip with his girlfriend. Those were not just any photographs – they went to an alpine valley of Tamar , that streches almost to the Italian border and is  just a couple kilometers away from Kranjska Gora, probably the most famous Slovene ski resort. Those were photos for my sore, sun deprived eyes! At the time they were there the snow blanket was 1,5 metres thick, sun was shining, people looked happy… I couldn’t wait for the week to pass so we could do the same thing.

So, we did it. This Saturday.
Despite the fact that Tamara didn’t want to sit on the sledge and had to be carried for more than an hour it was more than worth it. After arriving to the cottage we had warm (and very sweet) tea, beef soup for Tamara, for us: jota and ričet, two traditional and commonly served dishes in Slovene mounting cottages.

It was a perfect day topped by a visit to our friends who spend their weekends in a small village nearby. I hope we can squeeze more of these in our life in the coming year. That’s my wish.

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  1. 23/12/2008 08:19

    You look great with your elfish hats on :) I haven’t seen so much snow in years.

  2. 23/12/2008 09:24

    Obožavam sneg na planini. Divota!

  3. 23/12/2008 14:07

    It sounds like fun! We are going to spend some time with Robert’s father in the North of Poland on Thursday and I hope for some snow there. ^^

  4. 25/12/2008 11:58

    Merry Christmas!

  5. 26/12/2008 22:00

    What beautiful country! It looks so exotic to my sun baked eyes.

    I’m going to look up recipes for those dishes you mentioned and I’m going to them a try.

    • 27/12/2008 21:57

      Thanks :) Slovenia is indeed a beuatiful country, I hope you get to see some of it next summer, when you’re around here.

      I just made ‘ričet’ two days ago, so I am posting a recipe as another post – you cant miss it ;))

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