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The obvious – (boring) Vapour


 As I complained in my previous post about potential projects and the possibilities of choosing (neither)one, it struck me the other day that I should use some of my stashed yarn to make winter version of Vapour. So obviuos but such a long period to come to the conclusion.

On our last year’s trip to Macerata I bought some yarn (see here)  and I thought that Adriafil’s Pazzo (top one on the photo if you follow the link in the brackets)  would be appropriate for this pattern. The yarn is quite simple with changing shades of dark grey, brown and light grey and it would not compete with the simplicity of the pattern, which in my opinion could be a bit boring if not ‘supported’ by a proper choice of yarn.

We’ll, what do I know?  This was an impulse buy – I didn’t really think what I’d be making out of it, I just liked the colours, the texture and the price (discounted!), so I’ve set for 6 skeins of it. Couple of months ago I was still very enthusiastic about it, thinking it had a potential for something nice. 
Today – after having knit through two skeins I am thinking – where was my brain to buy this stuff? I am not that much into variagated yarns and this one – though very beautiful on a skein – knits up to a pretty boring result. If you ask me what’s boring about it, my answer is the colours – so, there you go, I picked up a wrong colour scheme. At first I thought it was neutral and had a lot of potential, today I am all “another boring vest”. This, surely shall pass and I will  be more enthusiastic about the FO and I assume it will even get lots of wear, but, but… This is really a note to myself, but – next time stick to green or red. Or make a hatand scarf  for your husband :) – Well, I could stil do that if I am not satisfied with the result, right? ;))

Here’s a photo so you can get an idea of what I am writing about.

More than 2/3 of the back side is how far I've come

More than 2/3 of the back side is how far I've come

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  1. 19/01/2009 07:59

    But I love the colours and how the yarn is knitting up. I am sure the FO will stir some enthusiasm in you, once the stripes all come into place and what you have in your hands is actually a garment and not a piece of knitting.

  2. 19/01/2009 11:02

    That’s my problem with variegated yarns – they look so yummy while on the skein but when you knit something with them, they give you the stripes you don’t fancy or – what’s worse – the ugly pools of one colour!…

  3. 20/01/2009 17:10

    I like it- even though i know what you mean- i probably wouldn’t like it if i would be knitting it…. but once an FO you will have tons of use for it – and yes if you end up changing your mind- a scarf for menfolk always a good use of yarns ;)

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