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Look what I’ve got!


I just realized there has been such a long time since I bragged about anything, so it’s about time I did it ;) Today I am showing you my wonderful, lovely and  in many other ways incredible ‘japanese stash’.

I remember reading on Ravelry that one of the Japanese knitters knit a tunic with paper yarn. So, I asked my friend Chie wheter it’s true that you can actually buy paper yarn in Japan (I know, I could have just Googled it, but being a journalist by education I rely on my sources).
A couple of weeks later there was a package waiting for me. From Japan. As if that was not enogh, for me, mail rat… there was yarn in it! Not paper yarn, but yarn made from wood pulp! Eco Andaria is its name. I got 4 skeins of red (my favourite colour), one skein of beige and one of ‘rusty’ colour. And a book with crochet instructions that I can actually read (well, not literally… I can decipher the crochet patterns, which is way better than Vogue on the go ;)).

All this happened a couple of months ago (and yes, I’ve kept this a secret…)  and NOW I am deciding what to crochet with it! The feel of this yarn is more like artificial fibre, I could even say a bit ‘plasticy’, something that couldn’t be used for clothes, but for bags, hats and similar (and the crochet patterns included in the book are just bags and hats). I have bamboo handles and need a summer bag…
Or maybe I’ll just let it sit in my closet and admire it for some time more…

Look at them all lined neatly on the couch :)

Look at them all lined neatly on the couch :)

Thank you Chie for sending me this great present. It makes me happy again and again :)

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  1. 15/04/2009 21:26

    Woe, lovely! I’d love to touch that yarn! Wood pulp you say!!! Incredible!

    Looking forward to seeing what you’ve done with it! I just LOVE the colours!

  2. 16/04/2009 08:25

    Gorgeous colours! And rich in texture, it seems. Beautiful!

  3. 16/04/2009 20:27

    Nisam znala da ovo postoji !!
    A izgleda mi bas lijepo, jedva cekam da vidim sta ces na napravis !

  4. 17/04/2009 07:31

    Nice to hear that:-) Take some rest when your knitting, ok?

  5. 18/04/2009 00:58

    Your new yarn has wonderful colours, I’m curious about the result of your crocheting.
    Paper yarn? How do you wash you clothes made of the paper yarn, I wonder…

  6. 21/04/2009 22:47

    As soon as I read that the yarn was made from paper, I had the exact same thought as Joanna. How do you wash it?

  7. 22/04/2009 02:25

    Hei again! I am not familiar with this yarn, so I checked on the nett. It says eco andaria becomes weakened when it gets wet, so you should not wash your works. Or maybe you can wash them by dry-cleaning, but it doesn’t sound very ecological any more… ;-(

  8. 12/05/2009 14:52


    I just found your blog and I love it! It’s so interesting to read and I will be back soon.

    • 04/06/2009 20:49

      Thanks, Lena :) I’m happy you like my blog and hope to see you around again. Greetings from Slovenia.

  9. 02/06/2009 09:40


    Have you made anything with this new yarn yet?

    • 04/06/2009 20:51

      Well, no. Actually, it may take a while till I decide which bag I will crochet with this yarn. It’s so special to me I don’t want to “waste” it on something I’m not VERY sure I’ll like.

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