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Sewing takes time, too.


I had a long knitting pause which happened after I finished secondary school and lasted until… We’ll maybe three years ago. Knitting was (is) perceived as boring, dull, something that only old ladies do, both among my friends and the Slovene society as a whole. Actually, knitting is still the methaphor for a boring, mind numbing way of spending one’s time. As is most of the things that crafty people do: sew, crochet, re-make their furniture, etc. I don’t know when this ‘I can’t do anything by myself’ became a norm, a fashion, a statement in our culture?

So, for quite some time I didn’t knit. But I (tried) to sew.
I learned to sew on my mothers sewing machine by myself (reading the instruction manual was my way to go) when I was about 14 years old. I cannot really say that I am good at sewing, but I am not really bad either – I think I have an attitude problem when it comes to sewing. Let me explain a bit.

For example – I see someone wearing a cute skirt and my mind goes ‘I could easily make that myself’.  Just need to find the fabric’. Hmmm. ‘What colour?’ ‘Where do I go to buy it?’ (or even more probable (in a store): What?? They want that much €€€ for that simple skirt?? Are they crazy? I can make that by myself in no time!)

So, (maybe) a couple of days later I actually set off to buy the fabric. Than I get gome all excited about making the new skirt. And than the story begins.

Do I need a pattern? Sometimes I do and I even recognize that (important aspect, since, as a proper DIY person quite often I don’t need no simple pattern, I will just make it myself) AND I even have it (stack of old Burdas is always laying around) and since I am “fat” I usually choose at least two sizes bigger pattern that I’d normally wear. You never know. Better to be a bit big than too small. I can always narrow it a half size.

By  the time I’m done with copying the pattern on the paper I usually get tired or fed up or bored with it so there are two possibilities:

a) neatly fold the pattern together with the fabric and leave it in the closet to wait for better, more productive times or
b) decide to carry on and cut the fabric, as I am determined this is not going to be just another of my failed projects.

So, than I get my sewing machine, set up the table, find the threads and start sewing. I have my self -tought order of how to do things, which makes everything even more complicated and not leading to the desired goal.
Usually I hurry to the point where I can try the thing on for the first time – and find out, inevitably, it’s too big.

There are two ways how things can develop, again:

a) My enthusiasm vanishes.  I fold everything neatly together and decide I’ll work on it later.
b) Keep on.

And after two hours of ‘work’ I find myself totally miserable for not being done yet! Or if I am by any chance done – usually I am not satisfied with the outcome.

I was analysing my sewing habits and expectations and realized that I perceive sewing as an instant gratification activity. I expect a project to be done quickly, no mess and usable within couple of hours.
Couldn’t be more wrong, huh? ;) Knitting, on the other hand, takes time and patience and I never expect to see results ‘in just a sec’.

So, now, I turned to ‘half-finished’ (half-recycled?) sewing projects – here’s a pregnancy skirt I made (in less than 1,5 hours of total working time!) by using and old T-shirt for the expandable tummy area and some fabric from my stash. Of course I am not wearing it to work, but it’s good for strolling in the park with Tamara. And did I mention it was extra quick to make? ;)

My fast sewing project.

My fast sewing project.

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  1. 30/06/2009 07:50

    A few days ago I bought a second-hand sewing machine so I find your post very interesting, although somewhat discouraging :) I’m off to buy my first Burda so that I too can have old sewing projects lying around :)))

    I like the colours of your skirt very much. And the t-shirt goes with it perfectly.

  2. 01/07/2009 16:17

    Nice colour and nice shape! I want to see that skirt on you taking a walk with Tama chan! Can I understand your baby is also fine under your cute skirt? :-)

  3. 02/07/2009 22:46

    it’s gorgeous!!!

  4. 03/07/2009 08:26

    Ne znam sta mi se vise dopada, sama suknja ili brzina kojom je uradjena:)!

  5. Dom permalink
    03/07/2009 16:05

    I am SO impressed. Maybe you should try mass-producing these – sell them on eBay. I’m sure other expectant moms would love them. But then sewing would become a “job” and it would stop being fun, wouldn’t it? :(

  6. 04/07/2009 14:25

    Cool! Yah, dresses are great to improve your selfesteem and help you zthink you could, actually become a tailor one day! I love them too! :))))

    My father is an expert when it comes to sewing so he is usually my advisor in crisis! :))))

    Lovely skirt!

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