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Actually, I love Baby Moderne


I know I must have written this after I finished my first Baby Moderne blanket BUT I shall say it again. I love this pattern. It’s simple, it’s inteligent, it’s versatile, it’s modern – and it’s free. The Baby Moderne I knit for my friend is done. I am not posting any photos until she receives it, though.

I wanted to make it in the green shades, but living in a country where knitting is something only grannies do, it’s impossible to find enough shades of green that match, so it’s a combination of green, gray and blue.

As I was searching on Ravelry for a fun baby project I found a couple of baby blankets I lsimply love, my favourite currently being OpArt, published in Kitty magazine. My husband has been encouraging me to start working on it, but… Here are three reasons I might not start working on this project:

  • First of all my mother is crocheting a pink blanket for our Seconda (as we currently refer to the kicking person in my uterus.),
  • second we already have a couple of lovely baby blankets that Prima(donna) (=Tamara) won’t be using anymore (at least not in the stroller) and
  • third I feel somehow uncomfortable that I knit ‘just’ a cardigan for Tamara, so it’s unfair to make a big blanket for Seconda.

So, I’ll probably be making this lovely Drops cardigan for her. 

I hope that those of you who have more than one child can share their experience on how they “equal” things out between your children. Do you worry of not treating them the same? Of giving more to one that the other(s)?

Finally, I received a package with books from Amazon and I am reading E.Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanach – actually, it’s very interesting and funny. It’s readable (and resourcefull) even if you use it just as a bed-time reading. :) Good night.

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  1. 20/07/2009 07:17

    I can’t wait to see the blanket! And Seconda, of course :)

    That cardigan is irresistibly beautiful but I suppose finding appropriate yarn will be a very difficult task.

  2. 20/07/2009 13:41

    cant wait to see the blanket either!
    you sound well- don’t have any children yet and don’t know about equal knitting…. sorry.
    the cardigan looks amazing

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