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Finally, I can show you the Baby Moderne Blanket I’ve finished a while ago. My friend has had her son, Maksim, a week ago and I tell you – he’s a big boy (57 cm) and I’ve sent it to her by mail just a couple of days before his birth.

I like this blanket a lot – even though it was hard to find matching colours, and probably I should have started with a bigger square so that I’d reach the desired size by smaller number of squres, I am satisfied with the result. And I think that’s the beauty of Baby Moderne pattern – it’s so versatile it suits many kind of needs and it’s easy to mask any glitches you might have done.

First time "used" by Tamara's mouse

First time "used" by Tamara's mouse

Sleep, mousey, sleep

Sleep, mousey, sleep

Bird's view

Bird's view

Garter stitch, actually, not my favourite stitch...

Garter stitch, actually, not my favourite stitch...

Than, I’ve made fingerless mitts for another friend’s birthday. I wanted a simple pattern that’d go well with my “sporty” yarn (and she’s a sporty person too). I wanted something non-pretentious, something for everyday use. And since these were my first ever mitts to knit, I wanted a clear and simple pattern. So, I chose “Cabled fingerless gloves” by Kimbery Gintar (free pattern).  Of course I didn’t follow it letter-by-letter – I picked the main pattern idea with one simple cable and followed the brilliantly simple and effective way of how to knit the tumb. Here’s the result:

Winter-coffe mitts is my name for this item

"Winter-coffe mitts" is my name for this item

What associations come to you when you look at the above picture? I think: autumn. I mentioned to my husband, that last week there were a couple of mornings when, despite the unnormally hot days, I could feel autumn sneaking into nature. He said it wasn’t true and I was just being mean. (He likes to live in denial).

BUT – it’s true. And autumn is my favourite time of the year. Hooray!

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  1. 25/08/2009 06:18

    I love the blanket, it’s very sweet, especially with T’s elephant snuggled up in it! Your wrist warmers look great ! :)

  2. 25/08/2009 08:26

    Cebence je preslatko, a i rukavice su jako dobre! Do sada nikad nisam nosila rukavice bez prstiju, ali ove godine moracu jedne da napravim!

  3. 25/08/2009 10:06

    Oh, the blanket is so wonderful! I think you got the colours very well together.

    Take good care of yourselfe!

  4. 26/08/2009 08:47

    I like the blanket because it has none of that babyish frill that you often see on baby blankets. A true boy’s thing!

  5. TheGingerCat permalink
    04/09/2009 07:28

    You know, mouse is fine, but the blanket looks its best with Maksim wrapped in it, no offence to the mouse :)
    Thanks again. It’s a lovely present and we’ll treasure it always.


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