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It’s time for photos. So that you don’t think that I have been sitting around, doing nothing :) Of course I did not.

As said – autumn is here and colder days also. Well, I have been exaggerating a bit in my worries that Tamara doesn’t have nothing warm to wear,because frankly, it’s not that cold…

Luckily, I have some Eskimo yarn in my stash, so this is the result:

Warm autumn cardigan, Drops - model b11-27

Warm autumn cardigan, Drops - model b11-27

I added felt flowers to make it a bit girlier

I added felt flowers to make it a bit girlier - two flowers in the front, three in the back

Knitting with Eskimo is really a pleasure – it’s soft, warm and thick i.e. – the result is quickly visible. I finished this cardi in two afternoons. The original model also has a hood, which I omitted, because there are too many hoodies in Tamara’s warderobe already. I also did not knit with 9 mm needles, I used 6 mm, because I like a firm(er) consistency of my knitting than most of the knitting that results by using the suggested needles usually are.

Also, I made another pair of fingerless mitts for a friend who cycles to work. It’s autumn and she’ll need them in the foggy, crisp Ljubljana mornings. You remember I made almost the exact version a couple of weeks ago, huh?

Fingerless mitts, this time in red

Fingerless mitts, this time in red

And on my needles is a cardigan for Seconda. I chose Mirabela yarn (producer: Unitas, Croatia) in red and pink. The body will be pink and the button bands will be red. Also, it is my intention to crochet red border around neckline, bottom of the sleeves and body. I stopped working on it so that I could make the Eskimo cardigan for Tamara and now I cannot get into mood for knitting with this thin yarn ;) Also, the size is for 6 months (Norwegian babies, I assume – this means she’ll probably be wearing it when she’s one year…), so I still have some time to finish it. ;) No, no… I am not doing that. This is the project I am going to finish next, because than I’ll start working on something for me.

This is how far I've come with it

This is how far I've come with it

Mirabella tag :)

Mirabela tag :)

And you remember Vapour,  project “for myself” – here’s a link to post about it.  Well, no wonder I wasn’t too satisifed with it! I didn’t know I knit it for pregnant me, not normal me ;)) So, here’s a photo of me, modelling Vapour three weeks and a half before my due date.

Fits perfectly! And it's nicely warm... Just for autumn.

Fits perfectly! And it's nicely warm... Just for autumn.

14 Comments leave one →
  1. 16/09/2009 07:22

    Hei! You look so lovely!

  2. 16/09/2009 08:02

    You are one chic pregnant woman, really good-looking in Vapour (which I’ve liked from the beginning)! Tamara’s cardigan is adorable, the blue flowers are spot-on! And go! go! go! for Seconda’s cardigan :)

    • 17/09/2009 08:23

      I know you’d like the damn thingie (i.e.Vapour) ;) It’s really good to have it in my warderobe now, it’s comfy and warm. And I can use it for another three weeks.

  3. 16/09/2009 09:25

    So, it looks you’re a knitter that can unconsciously predict the future use of your knitted items. *^v^
    I love the pink/red combination. ~^^~

    • 17/09/2009 08:22

      Thanks :) I hope I start knitting smaller items for myself, otherwise I might grow a bit too big, hahahaah! :))

  4. 17/09/2009 07:23

    Sve mi je lepo, i džemper sa cvetićima i prsluk koji izgleda odlično i sjajno ti stoji, o boji kardigana za bebanu da ne govorim, ma uostalom komplimenti sa moje strane:)!

    • 17/09/2009 08:25

      Hvala, hvala. Znaš da sam kukala, šta ču napraviti sa tom malom vesticom i onda me sproletjela ideja, da je pink i crvena kombinacija ustvari prilično dobra – mislim, da se ova dva Mirabelina tona fino skladaju.

  5. 17/09/2009 09:46

    :))) jesmo ti rekli da će Vapour dobro doći. vidi kako si slatka u njemu sad!

    Da, da, norveški klinci su nešto veći! :))))) Nego, strašan je ovaj cardigan ovako vodoravno pleten, samo, mene ova Mirabella izludi za tren oka, ja s njom eventualno nešto im i to po mogućnosti malo :).Nisam baš fan pamuka a naročito ne ovog tankog. Druga stvar je- Mirabella je elegantno su preskupa u odnosu na ostalo Unitasovo predivo! Ali, onako- ‘zobrazno duplo skuplja.

    Elem, divno ti stoji i prsluk i stomačić

    • 17/09/2009 21:58

      E, u vezi Mirabele… U trgovini gjde sam je kupovala je nekoliko skuplja od ostalog pamuka (možda najviše 25%?), ali mi se učinila nekako finijom – kod pamuka me je uvjek strah, koliko če se to otezati, da na kraju ne ispadne k’o neka vreča. Pa sam zato odlučila da isprobam Mirabelu (jer nikad nisam nešto sa njom plela). Smeta mi to, što se stalno uvija, što više ideš preka kraju štrenice, to se više ‘mota’.

  6. 17/09/2009 10:33

    Both the cardigans are lovely! I suppose Tamara just loves the flowers on her’s?!

    I must say Vapour looks great on you!

    Take good care of yourself

    • 17/09/2009 22:00

      The cardigan is one of the first garments that she was willing to put on without complaining and running away (don’t get me started talking about buying new shoes for her…), so I like to think she likes it :)

  7. Natalia permalink
    17/09/2009 11:28

    I lookoed ta old photos of Vapour and it actually looks like a pregnancy thing :). And it looks awesome on you.

    I think T must love her new cardigan, it’s so pretty. And Seconda’s cardigan seems like one of the reasons why I want to have a daughter this time around, just to dress her in pretty stuff like this.

    • 17/09/2009 22:03

      Well, if you do have a daughter in december she’ll get one cute little cardigan for starters :) Have fun in Kairo. I envy you, you lucky girl who can (could) be in love with so many cities :)))

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