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Freeform knitting :)


Quite some time ago I wrote about the way my mother knits  – starting a project not knowing exactly what it will turn into.

Honestly, I have some of that myself. The other day I wanted to start (yet another!) hat – so I even made a test swatch, calculated the number of stitches needed and cast on.

After the ribbing was done I thought: “This looks a little too big. Doesn’t matter, I’ll work a couple of more rows, to see if it really is.” So,  continue another couple of rows.

 And than my husband leans over: “What’s that you’re knitting?”

“I thought it will be a hat for Zigi. But it’s too big. Doesn’t matter  – it will be a vest for Katarina.”

So, instead of making a green hat with a car and a tree, I set my mind to knit a vest with tulips, elephants and simple leacy pattern in a variety of bright colours.

But as I was progressing towards the crown of tulpis I thought: “Well, this isn’t enough stitches for tulips to be really nice, I’ll make some cute round flowerets with a white spot in the middle.”

I'll add a couple of french-knots, definitely :)

Now, after looking at this vest, I am thinking: “Hmmmmm, it’s a bit too wide. How about I make a dress out of it?”

I can’t say for sure what this project will end being. I just know it will be colourful and playful. Girly, definitely.

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  1. 22/03/2011 06:33

    Hahahaha, this is great! And I suppose it helps to have around kids and grown-ups of different sizes :)))

    Love the pattern!

  2. aubrey permalink
    31/03/2011 21:07

    What a heavenly shade of scarlet!

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