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Walking to work


Ever since we moved to the center of Kamnik I try to walk to work as often as possible. After giving birth to Katarina I am stuck with a bit of extra weight (nicely put), so I try to incorporate some excercise in my daily life, hoping the kilos will fly off me. Well, they haven’t done that yet.

My morning walks are an opportunity to have a moment of peace, a good talk with myself (sometimes in Norwegian) or just a breathing excercise. They are 40 minutes that I have to myself and don’t have to share with anybody else. When you have two kids demanding your constant attention you know how precious this possibilty is.

The other day I saw the smallest snail crossing my path, dragging his house across the pedestiran road. It was a moment I wanted to remember. The morning chill of late spring, the sound of river in the background and this little animal, almost a friend in the universe of daily life who crossed my path just to remind me to set my focus on the day that lay ahead of me.


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  1. Natalia permalink
    15/06/2011 23:06

    I miss you and I am glad you’re blogging again. I promise to start again too as soon as I have a home :(. Loved this post and I am happy for your 40 minutes special time for yourself, it’s been missing from my life lately – the me time.


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