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Memories of knitting


My memories of knitting go as far as my memories go. Actually, I still remember a lot of clothes that I used to wear as a child – not just colours, but also patterns and combinations of them. My mother was combinig patterns that she knew from childhood or she saw on other people’s clothes. She claimed that she did not know how to read knitting magazines. Or maybe that was just an excuse to save money and not to buy them. Anyway, we never had knitting magazines in our house – until I started buying them and that was at the end of 80’s, so you can imagine all the (crazy) images that those were filled with!

Last week while strolling through our miniature flea market my husband noticed a knitting magazine from the year 1954, the year my mum was born. Here’s a couple of lovely, feminine models. Oh, I love them – they are so unlike my ’80’s editions. 

Such a simple blouse. And a beautiful model :)

Another simple blouse and lovely model combination.

Casually smiling in front of blackboard (on the mathematics class?? Not in my days!)


I've always wondered how 'udavače' looked like. Now, I know even what clothes were appropriate for them ;)

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  1. 18/06/2011 07:27

    My knitting magazines also date from late 80’s :) I remember subscribing to Slovenian Pletenje (I think it was Mladinska knjiga that published it) and jumping with joy every time it arrived. I was so sorry that it was a quarterly :(

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